Theatre Under the Stars, Vancouver
Directed by Stephanie Graham
Choreographed by Krystal Kiran

“With director Stephanie Graham at the helm, every creative-team and cast member has stepped up to the challenge of staging this ambitious show, and the result is an imaginative and polished production that will thrill, entertain, and empower audiences of all ages…Seeing the company rise to the occasion is a huge win and opens up the possibilities for what TUTS can achieve in future years. ” – Vince Kanasoot, Stir Vancouver

“All the kids in the large chorus are a joy to watch. No doubt thanks largely to their director, Stephanie Graham, whose touch is impeccable throughout, they’re confident, and they know that being onstage should always be fun.” – Colin Thomas

“Director Stephanie Graham manages her large cast well, allowing the natural exuberance of the younger actors to determine the pace.” – John Jane, Review Vancouver

Musical Director-Lia Wolfe
Set Design-Brian Ball
Costume Design-Christine Reimer
Lighting Design-Rob Sondergaard

Photography by Emily Cooper