Created by the Monster Collective
Concept and Direction by Stephanie Graham

The Monster Collective is made up of fifteen artists that are interested in the creation of new musicals, especially ones that use dance and movement as a primary storytelling device.

Supported through the Strategic Funds Digital Now Initiative through the Canada Council of the Arts, the Monster Collective premiered this developmental segment short film of what will become a longer theatrical work.

The MONSTER in the piece is the embodiment of our subconscious mind who does not disagree with each one of us. It accepts whatever we say to ourselves and seeks to make it fact. Blocking us from our truth.

Music and Arrangements by Kevin Wong
Story Supervisor and Dramaturgy by Ellen Denny
Lighting Design by Renée Brode
Sound Design by Kaitlyn Mackinnon
Produced by The Monster Collective with support from the Canada Council for the Arts

Film Director and Editor – Jesse Macmillan
Stage Managers-Alice Ferreyra and Erin Fitzgerald
Camera Operator-Allen Bergeron
Mental Performance Coach-Ayanna Sealey

Photography by Wade Muir