The Quest

Canadian College of the Performing Arts, Victoria
Directed and Choreographed by Stephanie Graham

“And every brave thing you do turns you into someone new, ’til you find the real you!” – The Quest

Sammy plays “Quest,” a role-playing game, every night with Rosie, Frankie and Taylor. One night, instead of quests within the game, Taylor gives the other three real-life quests. This launches all four of them on a journey to leave their safe fantasy world and confront their greatest fears – and along the way to learn about themselves and the value of friendship. The Quest is a show that knows we all have what it takes to be brave – we just need a little push sometimes.

Written by Murray Foster and Kieren MacMillan, this production at The Canadian College of Performing Arts was the educational premiere of a brand new Canadian musical!

Musical Director-Jeff Poynter
Assistant Choreographer-Andrea Lemus
Fight Director-Caleb Marshall
Production Manager-RJ Peters

Set, Costume, Lighting, Sound, Prop and Projection Design done by the 2021/2022 CCPA Studio Ensemble

Photography by Peter Pokorny